Client Letter Testimonials

Hi Deborah,

Congrats on a thoroughly helpful, refreshing, and unique book. It's had a big impact on me and those I have bought copies for. I love the way you have integrated some positive spirituality to give the reader the best possible chance of assimilating your message by osmosis and embracing change for good. This book should be read by a large percentage of the population. I'd like to see your message shown as widely as possible as I'm sure you would too!

Kind regards and well done!



I felt that it was time to write to you to thank you for the amazing, positive impact that you have had on my life.

I remember when I was first introduced to you, I was 18st 9lbs at 5ft 2 tall and just about surviving. I couldn’t walk without getting tired and I wouldn’t really go out anywhere because I was so ashamed of my appearance. My skin was bad, my hair was always scraped back and I lived in  jogging  bottoms and men’s tee-shirts (my fat suit) because I couldn’t find anything else big enough to fit me.

The first time we met I remember you telling me to get exited! You told me that “From this day forward, my life was going to get better and better, and I would get slimmer and slimmer.” I have to admit I was sceptical of anybody that claimed they could help me. I had tried every diet under the sun, I knew there must be something else out there but I was scared I would fail. I had almost decided this was my lot in life, you were my last hope.

I couldn’t believe that one person could help me achieve such amazing results, not only with my weight but also with my confidence, self esteem, energy and zest for life!

Through the process of private consultations that I had with you, I have now achieved a weight loss of 8st 9lbs! I can wear jeans, tight tops and high heels. I now enjoy making an effort to make myself up, I love wearing jewellery and take time choosing the right outfit when I go out. I am now dating, dancing and spending all my free time with friends and family and have a job that I absolutely love. My life has been transformed and its all down to you and your magical programme. The best of it all is that is was easy and I have enjoyed every step, you set me free from my burden and I have never looked back.

I am now living my life fully and in the moment. As you rightly suggested I have changed my career and trained as a personal trainer and I honestly I feel like a new person! So, thank you for believing in me, thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to make the changes. Thank you in believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself! Now I believe in you!

You are a very special lady.

Sally Ann Spaticchia

Sale, Manchester


Unfortunately I reached a point in my life, whereby no matter what I tried, those
extra Christmas lbs just wouldn't shift.  I take regular exercise and I eat a reasonably
healthy diet, do my own veg, stir fries, lots of fruit etc.  Maybe just a tad too much
vino on occasions, but having breached the 50 mark a couple of years ago, perhaps I
was resigned to just being at the upper edge of my size 14, rather than having a bit
of extra room to move.

I have  found the advice about lifestyle, diet etc. very useful and probably linked to
other changes I have made, I have taken your magic green drink religiously along with
the probiotic powder recommended and the results speak for themselves.

Overall I have lost 7 lbs, but I have found a sense of being 'cleansed' each time I go and always have more energy.

The clothes are starting to fit better and who knows, size 12 may be on the horizon.  I would certainly recommend it.

Alison Green


Dear Deborah

I have wanted to write to you both to say thank-you and compliment you on your approach to the
juicing detox that has changed my life.

I came to you both in 2010 not for weight loss or to rid myself of any nasty addictions. I came
to you to become a healthier person.

With a hectic travelling schedule I was feeling lethargic and tired at times bloated. A super
intensive cleanse was what I required and you both certainly delivered!

The first detox week was AMAZING, I have never felt so bursting with energy, internally
clean, lighter, fitter, with clear skin and sparkling eyes I officially became addicted to the
powers of the super juice diet. So much that it is an annual obligation to myself.

Now over a year on a day cannot pass with out a delicious super zingy morning juice, it's my favourite!

Deborah you are the Oracle, a truly inspirational lady who's calm approach and fabulous mentoring skills keep me dedicated to any thing I want to achieve.

I recommend you to everyone, you are inspirational, keep up the great work you fabulous!

I am looking forward to joining you on your next health retreat abroad, I'm officially hooked!

Best wishes

Jo Kirkbride


Prior to meeting Deborah from Breakfree in March 09 my well being was in a steady downward
spiral. For the last twenty years or so I have been self employed doing several different
businesses, always motivated always up and about. I had been diagnosed with M.E and I felt

Gradually my energy levels started dying off with me struggling to rise out of bed, my alarm
would ring 7.30am-ish and I would be dead to the world only managing to rise about 9.00am-ish.
I would be at work eating my usual sandwich for lunch feeling knackered. It eventually got to
the stage where I would lie down in the afternoon for a sleep not a snooze a deep hour or so
sleep, now this would be after sleeping the night before for a good 9 hours or so and I was
needing more, I'd be back asleep that evening for 10/11 pm and that became my routine for
the last few years up until meeting Deborah.

My mood swings started becoming intolerable as I was finding this lack of energy very frustrating and was making me feel unwell particularly towards the end of the week. I sourced out a nutritionist from the internet and was falling asleep in the consultation asking her why I was so tired; She gave me a diet with more fruit and vegetables that I lasted about a week on with no such turn around what so ever. I do remember analysing my life at one particular low moment thinking that I never actually ate any fruit and most days no veg as I was always eating pasta or pizza's and Chinese.

Now this had been going on for a very long time with me not  being able too make the change or fit these into my diet. I'd actually just started St Johns Wort (sunshine pills) when I had my chance meeting with Deborah, as I was advised that these would in fact help lift my mood swings and feeling low in myself and boost my energy.

Now I had been for a colonic on several occasions over the years mainly due to my flatulence but never really felt the benefit, never the less I thought I would give it a try as I'm keen to find a solution and if some one thinks they have one then I would be crazy not to try it.

I'll never forget the morning after my 3rd colonic, as I awoke my energy levels were the highest I've ever felt them, I felt like I could actually run around the world never mind England, it truly was a revelation!

Gone are the afternoon sleeps. I've started drinking her magic green drink to help me with my 5 a day intake and slowly but surely my taste buds and diet were becoming and needing to eat more vegetables, I actually crave my daily Green Alkalising drink and even take it on holiday.

So gone were the pasta's and sandwiches and now I eat fresh salads and soup where I can. then on top of this massive turn around of energy and my diet, was the weight loss off nearly 2 stone. I have gone from nearly 14 stones bloated to a 12 stones which feels so much more proprtionate for my height of 5ft 7" I'd just like to add that I hate to think were or what state I would of being in had I not stumbled across Deborah and Breakfree.

Thank you for all you help, wisdom and inspiration along the way Guys!

By the way, my M.E just vanished.


Deborah X

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