Meet our team

We have the most fantastic team here at Breakfree. Looking forward to meeting you in either sunny Majorca
or leafy Cheshire very soon!

Deborah Morgan

Deborah is an established Health and Life coach. She has a passion for helping others experience outstanding health and inner peace.

Her qualifications include, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Live blood practitioner, Louise Haye teacher, Business Coach and Author.

Although Deborah has many qualifications tucked under her belt, it’s her life experiences that have enabled
her to become an extraordinary empath and healer. Faced with overwhelming adversity as a young child she has was labelled as a "Dandelion child”. This is a child that despite the odds, broke through the barriers and turned her life around.

These life experiences have been a blessing as they have eventually led her to her chosen field,
helping others.

Every retreat is facilitated by her, her enthusiasm and vast knowledge is motivational and inspirational!

To order your copy of “Cut the Crap and Find your Perfect Weight”. Contact Deborah (all proceeds go to East Cheshire Hospice) or order from Unfortunately no proceeds can be donated if ordering from Amazon.

For further information or to book your place call or
text Deborah on 07976 207852

Andrew Wilson

As well as speaking six languages, Andrew is a spiritually evolved guy. He has studied meditation and may other eastern philosophies including Shamanism, Bramha Kumaris, Apache traditions and has lived in North and South America.

Having lost over 4 stone on the Breakfree programme Andrew is a walking example of the changes that can result of embarking on an alkaline lifestyle. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for life is hugely inspirational!

Anaska and Bharvan

The most amazing Yoga Guys ever! Truly a privilege
to have them as part of our team.

Nicola Charnock (aka Noodles)

The MOST AMAZING masseuse, specialising in sports rehab ... what more can we say!

Nabs Hadi

Nabs Hadi is based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, United Kingdom, and regularly travels globally to teach the art of Yoga.

He established his Ashtanga Yoga classes following 10 years of dedicated practice and training with some of the world's leading Yoga teachers, among them, David Swenson, Sri O.P .Tiwariji, Kino MacGregor and Manju Jois. Having traveled the world to educate himself on Yoga’s true hidden mysteries Nabs’ final call was to India, the spiritual home of Yoga, before his official certification as a qualified teacher by guru Paul Dallaghan at the famous Samahita Yoga Retreat in Thailand and Sri O.P. Tiwariji the last in line of the Kayvalyananda Pranayama lineage.


Hershy is always ready for a walk a run and a cuddle! An integral member
of the Breakfree team! 
Loves a good sing song too!

Deborah X